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Youtube Channels

Here is a list of youtube channels of our kinnies that you might be interested. Mostly PvP channels but some has PvE content as well. Stay tuned ;)

The channel features mainly PvP videos of Champion and Warg classes. Also, some PvE content of the Champion, Hunter, Warden, Rune-Keeper and Guardian classes are/will be included.

Channel focused primarily on Champion gameplay, mostly consisting of PvP videos with some cool 80s music in background ;)

LOTRO PvP videos, ranging from Loremaster to Warg gameplay, along with a healthy dose of poorly-executed attempts at LOTRO humor.

LOTRO channel with mostly PvP related videos of Warden and Captain classes. Channel also includes Creepside PvP videos that might interest you.

LOTRO gameplay of Guardian class. The channel mostly features PvE videos of soloing on Guardian like a boss ;)